Monday we start at nine clock. Before we can go take off with the planes, new ones need to be assembled, old ones tested and be repaired. Therefore we prepare an office that has been used as a storage room so that we can handle the bulky SUMOs inside. There are aluminum and wooden boxes all around, almost every does have a FRAGILE sticker on the side and accommodates sensitive instruments. One is even equipped with a “shock sensor”, that will make you know when it has been tackled too hard. There are planes of three groups, all of which require more or less attention. One by one, we test the electronics and sensors and replace small parts. Of course, everything takes longer than expected.


We do that at UNIS, the University Centre in Svalbard. It is a union of several Norwegian universities. A great place. From the outside it looks like a wooden spaceship and inside it is even better. All very modern and classy, you can hardly study any more luxurious. The webcam below is mounted on the roof.