Five years ago we were allowed to fly around relatively freely at altitudes of up to 1500m. With the weather balloon, we can now ascend up to 1100m. The SUMO still lacks permission for flying, although we would be operating at the same place in the air. This time we had to provide manuals, procedures, risik analysis, etc. Everything is much more formal and more strenuous. Drones do not have a good reputation.

In the morning we improve the scooter box with foam and drive back out to the station. The balloon is launched, the scooter weather mast operates without data loss thanks to shock-absorbing foam.


You have to pack up thick and then your moves are limited. Vast amounts instrument is brought back and forth. Late in the evening I click together a few slides, at 11:46 PM a SAS jet lands through the valley, earlier than planned. The balloon crew was notified well in advance and has brought down the balloon in time.