24th Chaos Communication Congress

We gave a talk at the 24C3 congress in Berlin and presented the Paparazzi project. Two autonomous aircraft flying near Toulouse, France and Hildesheim, Germany were controlled from the big screen in the auditorium in Berlin.

CCC: Paparazzi – The Free Autopilot

The trajectory was modified in flight, telemetry and live on-board video data was shown. There were teams launching and supervising the aircraft locally. There is an SPIEGEL Online article (in German).


We are back from the Icelandic Highlands. It is a harsh environment for both humans and airplanes. The IR sensors performed pretty well and we collected a lot of meteo data for the Flohof campaign in the area around the Hofsjökull glacier.


With the help of the Icelandic ATC we set a new Paparazzi altitude record.


It all started with a visit to the micro air vehicle contest in Braunschweig EMAV 2004. There was a Multiplex Twinstar and Microjet that flew perfectly even though the weather was not nice at all. They had funny looking sensors that I had never seen on an airplane. It was great to find out that all the used hard and software was open source – Paparazzi. I got in contact with Antoine and Pascal, the fathers of the project.