In valleys

Adventdalen is the main valley, the northern lights station is located in the center and the airport at the end towards Isfjorden. Longyearbyen is located in a side valley (map).

Launch Endalen

The airport is closed on Saturday and we can go earlier. The first objective is to fly multiple profiles in the narrow Endalen. There are only 100m distance between the flight path and the valley at some points. We head to it with the rumbling belt wagon.


SUMO flies into the valley passing several waypoints and then does profiles on its way back from behind. The plane disappears behind laterally hillocks from time to time while flying low. Very unusual. Normally you would not fly a model airplane visually into terrain. It all works smoothly.

Adventdalen Fjord

We spend the rest of the evening at Adventalens beach for sea/land profiles. There is a weather change so it will be very interesting flights. There were westerly winds from the sea the last days. Now it switches to colder easterly winds from the land. The air masses interact at the water border, slide over each other creating a sharp boundary, mixing slowly.


The day ends with grilled sausages and salmon.